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This Months Recommendations

Dragons Blood Bath Crumble Cone.png



Dragons Blood Crumble Cone

Bath crumble is perfect for when in need of a quick bath art fix. Sprinkle the desired amount into your running bath, and watch as your bath goes from flat to foamy!


An alluring woody, earthy scent with fruity notes on a base of sweet amber, patchouli and sandalwood; This purple, green and blue bath crumble will slay bath time! P.S no dragons were harmed in the making of it. 

Natura Mask 3.png
Natura Pumpkin Infused Sheet Mask

Our natura Pumpkin Infused Sheet Mask contains natural enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) from a variety of fruit and herb extracts, which help to increase cell renewal, while brightening and smoothing, leaving skin soft and supple. Pumpkin contains Vitamin A & C to help boost collagen production to prevent the signs of ageing.


Brightens complexion

Hydrates & Nourishes

Cell renewing formula

Customer Reviews

"I highly recommend Becx Beauty for both bridal and evening make up.


Becca was great from the start, she did a great job with my trial and was really great at making a girl who never wears make up feel comfortable in and getting me to push a bit out of my boundaries (never wore lash before).


On the day of my wedding, Becca was great with having to do myself, 2 bridesmaids and mother of the bride.


All of us never wear makeup and she made us all feel comfortable and asked a lot of questions which made everyone feel comfortable."


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