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This Months Recommendations

Jade Princess Piped Candle

A dynamic and very royal fragrance, with a bergamot top note and a zesty splash of lemon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin. We have handcrafted this candle, using pure ylang ylang and bergamot essential oils to complement this most regal scent. This candle will burn for 30 to 35 hours. Please carefully follow the directions for use (printed on the base).

Dr paw paw - combo set.png
Dr Paw Paw The Nude Collection, Pack of 3

Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm hydrates and nourishes lips, skin and cuticles. It soothes dry, cracked, irritated and sensitive skin such as hands, elbows and heels. Use for adding finishing touches to hair and smoothing brows. Also helps with insect bites and minor abrasions.


Our Tinted balms offer the same hydrating and nourishing formula. Adding a buildable lip & cheek tint to take you from beach to bar!

Customer Reviews

"I highly recommend Becx Beauty for both bridal and evening make up.


Becca was great from the start, she did a great job with my trial and was really great at making a girl who never wears make up feel comfortable in and getting me to push a bit out of my boundaries (never wore lash before).


On the day of my wedding, Becca was great with having to do myself, 2 bridesmaids and mother of the bride.


All of us never wear makeup and she made us all feel comfortable and asked a lot of questions which made everyone feel comfortable."


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