Little Tips For Being Less Wasteful

We have 10 years to do what we can before global warming becomes irreversible. There is plastic filling our seas, our wildlife is endangered, the ice caps are melting and our planet is being destroyed at quite an alarming rate. If you haven’t watched Our Planet on Netflix, it’s a great documentary showing how global warming and humans are affecting our ecosystem and wildlife – it’s both interesting and sad but it’s worth a watch regardless!

Here are a handful of changes I’ve made so far:

Stainless Steel Straws

I have sensitive teeth so when I have cold drinks, I pretty much always need to use a straw. Unless you need to use plastic straws for medical reasons or other necessities, switching your straws is a very easy change to make. I bought my pack of stainless-steel straws on Amazon for about £6 which included 8 straws, a carry pouch for your bag, and a cleaning brush. Whenever I’ve used a straw I just pop it in the sink to wash when I get home and switch in a clean one from the cutlery drawer. I’m now no longer adding to a large number of plastic straws found in our landfills and in our oceans!

Chilly’s Bottle

I LOVE my Chilly’s Bottle and I really do use it every single day. It’s always by my side at my desk as I work at the computer and I take it out with me when I see clients. It’s a stainless steel reusable bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. It’s a great alternative to buying plastic water bottles – especially if you’re like me and you don’t enjoy the taste of tap water. I simply fill up this bottle with my filtered water at home and it’s much better than adding to the mountains of plastic across the planet.

Menstrual Cup

I converted to using a menstrual cup after 15 years of using tampons. It was life-changing for me… not just because it’s a reusable menstrual product and less wasteful, but it's improved dealing with periods in general because they’re so long-lasting and healthier! The cup is made from silicone and is placed inside the vagina, roughly every 12 hours to empty the cup, rinse It and place it back in the vagina. At the end of each cycle, the cup is sanitised with boiling water or alcohol. There are other reusable options for periods too if a menstrual cup isn’t right for you, such as cloth pads and period underwear like Thinx.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

I originally switched to bamboo toothbrushes because my dentist said a good soft bristle brush is better for people with sensitive teeth like me. I personally much prefer them now I’ve tried them and it’s a bonus that it's also much better for the environment!

Keep Cup

I don’t drink coffee, but I do love a good hot chocolate when I go to Costa. Instead of using disposable cups, I decided to buy a KeepCup, which I’ve fallen in love with. It’s a glass reusable coffee cup, that most coffee shops accept and will happily fill up for you. Often people have a coffee every day on their way to work or on their lunch break, so imagine how many disposable coffee cups will be prevented from going to landfill if more people switch to things like KeepCup!

Low-Buy Lifestyle

I’ve been doing something called low-buy, which is essentially where I ONLY buy what I need and nothing more. Oh, there’s a new lipstick.. do I need it? No? Then I don’t get it. Wait, I’ve run out of foundation, and I wear it every day so I consider that as something I need and I’m replacing something rather than unnecessarily buying. I do the same with clothes, shoes and skincare. Instead of having several types of shampoo in my bathroom, I have one and I’ll only buy another once it's used up. It’s preventing the unnecessary amount of products being thrown away that never get used up and I’ve found it helpful for my bank balance too!

I hope this blog post was helpful for at least a few people. If you have any other ideas for living a less wasteful lifestyle please do leave them in the comments below because I’d love to know more and do whatever I can to help!

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