How to pick your Makeup Artist in 7 simple steps

Choosing who helps you get ready on a special occasion can be a daunting decision. Some people may find it easy, but if you’re like me and you want things to be perfect then you want to be as comfortable as possible with whoever does your makeup. Whether it's for your wedding day, prom, graduation or a night out with the girls.

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One of the fastest ways to get information on a makeup artist is through their website. Especially if they have an “about me” page. You can find out some key information like what type of products they use, why they got into makeup artistry and what their wedding/ makeup packages cover. You can also see photos of their work as well... but make sure their photos are in natural light and high quality. Low light and poor quality photos can hide simple mistakes like incorrect foundation shades and eyeshadow/contour that perhaps aren't blended properly.

2. Are they qualified and insured?

I think this is one of the most important things to check. A makeup artist should always be qualified and insured to keep you and others safe. If someone isn’t qualified they won’t be able to gain valid insurance. Without insurance, if anything was to go wrong, like cancellations, a problem with infection control, and spreading of diseases; you’re open to lots of issues. I’m fully qualified, insured and chose to get accredited with BABTAC.

3. Check out their style of makeup and if it suits what you vision for yourself.

Makeup styles can vary a lot. Some people like light, natural makeup, some prefer full glam and full coverage. The same goes for makeup artists, they may have a particular style they’re really good at and enjoy doing. Most MUA’s have photos of their work on social media so have a little look at them.

4. Do their company values match your own?

A lot of people incorporate things they care about into their business. For example, I very much care about stopping the use of animals to test cosmetics and stopping animal cruelty. So, all my products are cruelty-free.

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5. Are they in your price range?

Prices do vary, and in the makeup artist industry I’ve noticed that price can sometimes reflect quality; but not always. That’s why I think it’s so important to look into the makeup artist you’re wanting to use. A good makeup artist should be qualified, insured and preferably accredited by some kind of governing body. They will also take into account the use of their products, travel time and expenses, and the time it takes to do makeup. If someone is undercutting other makeup artists in the area by a LOT, there’s probably a reason for it.

6. See how you feel around them during your trial.

You want to feel as comfortable as possible when having your makeup done. During your trial, take notice of how you feel. Do you feel relaxed around this person? Are they approachable and easy to talk to? Were they kind and polite? Do you feel like they are caring and passionate about the work they do? It all can help make your wedding or occasion run smoother.

7. Do they have positive reviews?

Word of mouth really does make a difference, and that’s made much easier with the use of reviews from real people on websites and Facebook pages. If someone has positive reviews, then you’re more likely to trust they’ll do a good job.

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The last thing someone wants is for something to go wrong on their wedding day or whatever the occasion is – whether that’s a Makeup Artist who has poor hygiene, didn’t plan their time properly, doesn’t do your makeup the way you’d like it or just someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s your special day and you deserve to have the best company, and that includes any professionals you’re paying to help you.

I hope this helps you find the perfect people to get your ready!

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